Dental facts dentist DelanoYou’d expect the top dentists in Delano to know a whole lot about the teeth—and they do. But can the dentist know everything there is to know about teeth? Maybe and maybe not. Try stumping your dentist with this dental trivia at your next visit:

  • How many muscles does it take to smile? Only 17! It takes more muscles (43) to frown, officially making smiling easier than frowning.
  • What is the percentage of employees who have less respect for a boss who has bad oral hygiene? A whopping 66%. No boss should be too busy to brush (and floss!).
  • What are the most common items that people use to pick their teeth when they don’t have dental floss? Earrings, business cards, keys, matchsticks, and screwdrivers are at the top of the naughty list.
  • What is the average going rate of a tooth, according to the tooth fairy? One dollar per tooth is the average payout.
  • What percentage of people have been attracted to someone purely because of their smile? Over 60%.
  • What foods are most likely to make someone smile? Chocolate was the overall smile-activator, closely followed by French fries.
  • True or false: 25% of us brush our tongues when brushing our teeth? False! Fortunately, the number is closer to 50% when it comes to tongue-brushing.
  • Who would most people be willing to share a toothbrush with: their child, a celebrity, their partner, or a friend? 24% would willingly share a toothbrush with a partner, compared to a mere 6% who would share with a celebrity.
  • What is the most popular toothbrush color: blue or red? It’s no contest—blue brushes are the overwhelming favorite.

If your dentist doesn’t do so well with these trivia facts, there’s no need to worry. A great dentist knows all kinds of trivia that helps to keep your smile healthy, like:

  • The most commonly missing tooth that is replaced by dental implants.
  • The average age for wisdom tooth removal.
  • The typical cost of a smile makeover.

To compare more dental facts, contact a Delano dentist for an appointment today.