Financial Options

Affordable Smile Makeovers

We have a range of options for payment of services. We accept most dental insurance plans, and we handle the claim to ensure you receive all your benefits. Your personal checks and most credit cards as well as cash are accepted. We also have flexible monthly payment plans, suited to your budget. They are interest free and you can apply at our office.

Dental Financing Options

Affordable Care Even Without Insurance

Root canal treatments have become easier for patients with advancements in modern dentistry. What used to be a dreaded procedure is now very manageable and much easier with the latest anesthetics. Saving a tooth is recognized as important for good dental health, and our doctors are very successful in keeping a tooth intact with this therapy.

The tooth is saved by removing the interior pulp chamber and filling it with a specific material. Sometimes a crown is placed over the tooth for additional strength. The tooth will be fully functional again after treatment.

Payments Accepted

Financing and insurance can be simpler than they seem. Call us today at 763-972-2800. We’re excited to work with you in achieving your best smile.