Your Kids Will Enjoy Being in Our Care

Our doctors will make your children feel comfortable in their care for any type of treatment. With the latest techniques in children’s dentistry, we deliver dental care with thoughtfulness and compassion.

We also teach proper daily hygiene to help children maintain their natural teeth for a lifetime. We enjoy all their visits, starting at preschool age and each year thereafter.

Pediatric Dentistry

No Fears in Our Office

We want all children of every age to grow up without the potential worry over dental treatment. As our many satisfied parents have told us, we are accomplishing this goal. Whether your child is very active or very anxious, we provide an office that is happy and relaxed so every visit is an enjoyable one.

Our Attentive Care for Your Kids

Children’s teeth are quite susceptible to cavities during their formative years. There are various reasons for this problem.

Children often do not brush and floss properly without supervision. We advise parents to be a part of their daily dental hygiene until they learn to take care of their teeth as needed on their own.

Kids eat throughout the day (also known as “grazing”), which exposes their teeth to acid while chewing food. If teeth are not cleaned properly to begin with, continual exposure to acid will speed up the rate decay develops and increase the number of cavities.

Maintaining good daily hygiene, making healthier food choices, and having one application of a mineralizing varnish to teeth can significantly reduce the chances of cavity development.

The Importance of Preventive Dentistry

Even thorough brushing sometimes misses hard-to-reach areas in the back teeth. As plaque forms and hardens into tartar and additional acid comes into contact with the tooth, decay will form. Any amount of decay is permanent damage.

There is a quick and easy treatment that can help prevent cavity occurrence. One application of dental sealants will work.

This is the simple procedure:

  • After all teeth are cleaned and sterilized, one thin coat of the sealant is applied to each rear tooth’s surface. It is clear and invisible. To bond the sealant to the tooth structure, the dentist uses a curing light. And that is the whole procedure that takes just minutes!
  • No shots, drills, or tooth removal are necessary. It is harmless but very effective in maintaining children’s and adolescents’ teeth for a lifetime.
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