Smiling SmilesFor more than 20 years, you’ve been hearing that dental implants are the best way to replace your missing teeth. Dentists in Delano are recommending dental implants for just about any adult who has ever lost a tooth. It’s a procedure that has a proven record of success and it has earned that approval of dentists, dental patients, and even the dental insurance companies. But, is it too good to be true? Can a person who is missing one front tooth be a candidate for the same procedure that is recommended for a person who wears dentures?

The answer is yes– and no. Implants are suitable for a person who is missing a single tooth and implants are also suitable for a person who has lost many teeth, but there are different types of implants which are designed to fit each patient’s unique situation. Every smile and every incidence of tooth loss is different, but we are fortunate to have access to a wide variety of dental implant options, as well.

Implant dentistry may possibly be the most extraordinary specialty in the dental field because we can use dental implants to address virtually any form of tooth loss.

Dental implants to replace each and every tooth. We can use a single implant (artificial tooth root and dental crown) to replace any single tooth in the mouth. This can range from a front tooth that has been knocked out to a back molar that has cracked.

A few implants to hold in your bridgework. When several teeth are missing in the same area, two or more implants can be used to permanently hold a dental bridge in place.

Implants to lock in a hybrid denture. For a denture that you don’t have to take in and out, 4 or more implants can work together as a system to anchor a complete denture. This option typically works well for anyone who has struggled with a traditional denture or for a person who has experienced significant bone loss in the jaw.

Find out which type of dental implants are right for you by consulting a dentist in Delano about your options today.