common dental challenges pregnancy dentist DelanoIt’s no secret that a woman’s body can seem to go haywire during pregnancy. There is even an old wives’ tale which declares that a woman will lose a tooth each time that she gives birth to a baby. One Delano MN dentist says that tooth loss is not an actual side-effect of pregnancy, but there are a few dental challenges that an expectant mother will likely encounter.

  • More frequent meals and snacks, more chances for cavities. Expectant mothers need to eat more often during the day and even at night in order to provide nutrients for themselves and their growing babies. However, these meals and snacks will require more discipline when it comes to oral hygiene. Otherwise, leftover food particles can kickstart new cavities at a rapid pace.
  • Morning sickness means more acid. The acids from your stomach can erode the enamel from the surface of your teeth, causing a long list of dental problems. Acid erosion leads to weakness, sensitivity, pitting, and staining. The constant acid can also elevate your risk for tooth decay.
  • Brushing and flossing make you gag. Your gag reflex can be especially sensitive during your pregnancy, so cleaning your teeth can become very unpleasant. Skipping this part of your oral hygiene routine isn’t the answer (you’ll be setting yourself up for gum disease and bad breath). Instead, try a smaller toothbrush, milder toothpaste, or distracting yourself while brushing.
  • The dental chair is more uncomfortable. Professional dental care during your pregnancy is essential, but it isn’t always comfortable. Nausea during the first trimester can keep you away from the dentist and lying on your back during the third trimester isn’t much fun either. Most dentists and obstetricians recommend that all elective dental treatment be completed during the second trimester if possible.

For more solutions to your dental concerns during your pregnancy, contact a dentist in Delano MN today.